Welcome to INews Node help center. Here you may find the answer to your questions about the operation of our website. On INews Node yet you can post your content or link, add comments, participate in conversations and vote your favorite posts.

What’s Not Allowed

The content we don’t allow users to post on INews Node, in any form, whether words, images, video, or links that contains abuse,
hateful speech, threats and calls to violence, fraud or phishing, spam, bullying, trolling, copyright infringement and pornographic content.

When We Find Something That Not Allowed

If we find something that not allowed, we will atempt to notify the person who posted that content, to give him/her a chance to fix the issue. If we don’t receive an answer or we receive a negative one we will delete all not allowed content and even terminate the account of person who posted the content.
We will take any particular action to keep the content of our site on a fair level.